• 23 апреля 2013, вторник
  • Москва, 65-66 км МКАД.

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Unlocking the Java EE Platform with HTML5 (Geertjan Wielenga — Oracle)

Место проведения зал "Paris"

Время проведения: 23 апреля, 12.15-14.30

The Java EE platform aims to increase your productivity and reduce the amount of scaffolding code needed in Java enterprise applications. It encompasses a range of specifications, such as JPA, EJB, JSF, and JAX-RS. How do these specifications fit together in an application, and how do they relate to each other? And how can HTML5 be used to leverage Java EE? In this session, you learn how Java EE works and how it can be integrated with HTML5 front ends, via HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Introduction to Integration and Oracle SOA Suite 11g (Vitaly Bychkov —, Oracle)

Место проведения зал "London"

Время проведения: 23 апреля, 12.15-14.30

This hands-on lab provides three options: 1. Beginners will use Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle JDeveloper to build a purchase-order-processing SOA composite application. 2. More-advanced users will learn how to manage the middleware software development lifecycle by combining mainstream deployment methodologies with Oracle WebLogic Server’s WebLogic Scripting Tool feature and popular open source tools such as Maven and Hudson. 3. The third option shows how to secure your SOA application by adding authentication and simple role-based authorization to the composite and propagating credentials to downstream Web services.

Mocha Pi Cooking Class with Alex and Steve (Stephen Chin — Stephen Chin, Java Technology Ambassador and JavaOne Content Chair, Oracle; Alexander Belokrylov — Programs and Community Manager at Oracle, Oracle)

Место проведения зал "Paris"

Время проведения: 23 апреля, 15.30-17.30

The Rasberry Pi is a $25, credit-card sized computer that that plugs in to a TV and keyboard. It includes an ARM chip that is powerful enough to run a full version of Java SE including JavaFX. In this lab you will get a chance to test out Java and JavaFX technology running on a very accessible embedded platform. With a full Java Virtual Machine at your disposal, the possibilities are endless!

Experiment with Java in the New Generation of Oracle Database Technology (Kuassi Mensah — Director of Product Management, Oracle)

Место проведения зал "London"

Время проведения: 23 апреля, 16.45-17.45

Java and database developers, attend this session to experiment with JDBC, Oracle Universal Connection Pool, and Java features in the latest Oracle Database technology. Learn how to implement query change notification with JDBC and how to implement extreme scalability with Oracle Universal Connection Pool and database resident connection pooling (DRCP). Experiment with application continuity for Java. Practice Java in the database: scalable in-place data manipulation using Java.

Building Modular Enterprise Applications in the Cloud Age (Paul Bakker — Architect, Luminis Technologies; Bert Ertman — Fellow at Luminis Netherlands, Luminis)

Место проведения зал "Paris"

Время проведения: 24 апреля, 09.30-11.30

In this HOL you will learn how to create modular, robust, and durable enterprise applications fit for the cloud age. Modularity forces separation of concerns which enables you to replace parts of a system without breaking others. Using OSGi and a wealth of open source enterprise components, it will show you how to combine those apparent opposite worlds into coherent applications. We will also show you all you need to know about setting up your development environment to get started right away. Finally, we will focus on deployment into the cloud, introducing Apache ACE, a software distribution framework that allows to centrally manage and distribute software components, configuration data, and other artifacts to target systems.

Introduction to Oracle ADF: Hands-On Lab (Frederic Desbiens —, Oracle)

Место проведения зал "London"

Время проведения: 24 апреля, 09.30-11.30

In this hands-on lab, you’ll build your first fully functional Web application with Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF), the development framework behind Oracle Fusion Applications. Learn how to develop great-looking Web user interfaces that interact with your database. Experience the visual and declarative development approach that Oracle ADF offers when combined with Oracle JDeveloper. No previous experience or Java knowledge is needed.

Getting Started with the Java EE 7 Platform (Arun Gupta — Java Evangelist, Oracle; Reza Rahman — Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Oracle)

Место проведения зал "Paris"

Время проведения: 24 апреля, 12.45-14.45

The Java EE 7 platform focuses on Boosting Productivity and Embracing HTML5. JAX-RS 2 adds a new Client API to invoke the RESTful endpoints. JMS 2 is undergoing a complete overhaul to align with improvements in the Java language. Long awaited Batch Processing API and Concurrency Utilities are getting added make the platform richer. A new API to build WebSocket driven applications is getting added. JSON parsing and generation is now included in the platform itself. JavaServer Faces will add support for HTML5 forms. There are several other improvements coming in this latest version of the platform. Together these APIs will allow you to be more productive by simplifying enterprise development.

Rapidly Build Applications with Oracle Application Express (David Peake — Principal Product Manager, Oracle)

Место проведения зал "London"

Время проведения: 24 апреля, 14.00-15.00

This hands-on session is designed to allow you to choose from a variety of different labs based on your interest and skill level. Whether you are new to Oracle Application Express or looking for more-advanced labs where you can learn more about the tool, you'll find it here. Join for just one of the sessions, or stay for back-to-back hands-on labs.

Playing to the Strengths of JavaFX and HTML5 (James Weaver — Java and JavaFX Developer, Oracle)-Paris

Место проведения зал "Paris"

Время проведения: 24 апреля, 15.30-17.30

JavaFX and HTML5 are not mutually exclusive technologies. In fact, it is often advantageous to leverage the strengths of both JavaFX and HTML5 in the same application. This session walks you through the process of developing a Java application whose requirements lend themselves to a combined JavaFX/HTML5 approach. As a finishing touch, you’ll learn to generate a native installer for the application so that users can easily and deterministically deploy it. The session covers the following topics:
• Major strengths of JavaFX
• Major strengths of HTML5
• Considerations for designing an application that contains both JavaFX and HTML5
• Understanding the WebView control
• Calling JavaScript from JavaFX
• Calling JavaFX from JavaScript
• Creating a native install

The Oracle Java Cloud — A Developer's Perspective (David Vincent Delabassee —, Oracle; Arun Gupta — Java Evangelist, Oracle; Reza Rahman — Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Oracle)

Место проведения зал "London"

Время проведения: 24 апреля, 16.45-17.45

In this hands-on lab, get a close look at the complete cloud application development lifecycle and discover how simple it is to build and deploy Java EE applications to the Oracle Cloud. First you will start by developing a simple application in your local environment and testing it locally and against the cloud, using Eclipse, Oracle JDeveloper, or NetBeans. Second, you will use Ant and Maven to deploy your applications to the Oracle Cloud. Third, you will learn how to manage and monitor your deployments through the Oracle Java Cloud Service management console. See firsthand how you can go from having nothing on your machine to a real running application in the most complete and comprehensive Java cloud environment on the market today, in less than 30 minutes.




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